pondělí 6. července 2015

Chata/The Hut

The Hut built as a pert of Czech Quadriennalle 2015 housed some of our art
items and tools as well as Martin Vosáhlo's original photosof costumes made in Handa Gote workshop.

Photo by Petr Kubín

čtvrtek 16. dubna 2015


24-hour camping in a public space in the city center. After the piazza of the Prague National Theatre and the passage Archa, Handa Gote camped on a pedestal of Saxon Neue Bibliothek in Chemnitz. Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15 with battery pack. In addition to these tools were used handmade crystal and dynamic microphones and random repeater nicknamed Parrot (made by Jakub Hybler).

Recorded on the location: Moritzstrasse 20, Chemnitz, Germany
Everything battery powered.

Recorded by:
Pasi Mäkelä - banjo, Casio, clarinet, charango
Tomislav Federsel - drum machine, diddley bow, vocal, blues harp
Leoš Kropáček - bottles, cans
Johannes Dörner - banjo, charango
Knut - djembe, spoken word

Sound editing: Federsel
Photo: Pasi Mäkelä
Special thanks to Milo and Weltecho

Record of the action originally released by Signals from Arkaim, 2013
Meteorismo re-release, 2014